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About Encaustic

Curious about encaustic and exactly what it is? Well it's definitely not the first time I heard that question and sure it won't be the last. In fact, explaining what I do has been common throughout my life. 

When I became a certified Pilates instructor (before it was mainstream...known to only models, actors and elite athletes), I had to explain and educate folks on what it was, how it wasn't yoga, and the sculpting, toning and core benefits. And that was all before I got to the good stuff of teaching!

This was the same for my career in digital marketing. The level of education was different depending if I was talking to a client or my aunt. But my varied job titles within marketing have left people scratching their heads or saying "oh that's nice!"

So I've learned to keep things simple.

As an encaustic artist, I paint with wax and fire. And while it's not the full picture, for those not familiar with encaustic it sparks curiousity.

Here's more...encaustic is a fine art medium made of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. The fire (or in my case blow torch or iron) is used to bond each layer of wax creating a permanent seal. Encaustic is naturally archival and very durable - making it the perfect addition to your wall space. It's been used in ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures including funeral portraits that still last today.

I'm personally transfixed by the warmth, smell, glossy sheen, and texture. Encaustic can be manipulated in so many ways and my own process holds many 'tricks' to achieve my desired aesthetic.

You may be thinking that's interesting...but won't it melt? Fear not, with proper care and transport your original encaustic art will last a lifetime. Get the details on how to care for your encaustic art. 

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