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From Stars To Star Dust

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'Grant Street Beach'

Original painting series that journeys the historical Black beach of Cape May, New Jersey. Working from artist Chanelle Rene's own family photographs and other local families, the series depict joyful, everyday moments of African-American beach goers in Cape May from the 1920s through the 1960s – as they transition from segregation to making Grant Street Beach a tradition of choice.

New Jersey based, visual artist and muralist Chanelle René

Shine Your Vibe

Welcome! I'm Chanelle René

My work explores the complexity and nuance of the human spirit. I seek a visual embodiment of our truest self, deepest emotions and engagement with the full spectrum of modern beauty and feminine strength. I use vibrant colors and painterly brush strokes that celebrate the feminine figure to create narrative, inspirational and engaging works from original canvases to large scale murals.

Recently, my work has expanded to include murals and public art installations with a focus on immersive community experiences and visual storytelling.

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"NJ artist marks women's history month"

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