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Collection Preview: Surrender


Releasing April 30 at 9:55 am EST.

A collection of diverse femininity, reframing the concept of 'surrender' simply beyond defeat or giving up. But rather, embracing 'surrender' as a choice to settle in with one self. Giving yourself permission to get quiet and still, creating a beautiful space for serenity, peace, dreams and endless possibilities to emerge from within. 


Grace, 20x16

It all started with Grace...I was so excited to paint this piece for an exhibition at Art Space in West Cape May this summer. This would have been my first in-person showing and despite being an introvert I looked forward to meeting new people and sharing my work. But as the global pandemic rocked our collective world, replacing social IRL with social distancing this exhibition, the exhibit among many things, was cancelled.

 Hope, 11x14

PEACE was the theme of the exhibit. The more I explored this concept, the connection between peace and surrender became clear. Welcoming a positive state of surrender, opens the door to the desires and related emotions that lie beneath.

Jasmine, 11x14

Wispy brushstrokes of wax and closed eyes connect this feminine tribe who quietly whisper their surrender experience to viewers. These original encaustic paintings transform spaces with beauty, depth and wonder.

Sena, 11x14

The Surrender Collection releases on April 30 at 9:55 am EST. Those on my email list are granted early access to purchase. I invite you to view the entire collection of original paintings and discover the perfect piece for your space or gifting to your favorite art lover. 

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